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Mar 2011 A Poem about "Tall Trucker Tales"
Feb 2011 A Poetic Look at "Wanna-Be" Truckers
Jan 2011 Trevor Says Goodbye to His Dog Howard
Dec 2010 A Poetic Look at "Trucker Clutter"
Nov 2010 A Tribute to I-40 & the Southwest
Oct 2010 Trevor Shows off More of his Drawings
Sep 2010 Some Random Trucker Thoughts
Aug 2010 What Dreams Can Do Sometimes
July 2010 Trevor Rhymes about "Road Gators"
June 2010 Trevor's Cool Truck Drawings
May 2010 Trevor Takes Us Back to the Basics
Apr 2010 Trevor Reveals the I-5 Surprise
Mar 2010 The Tables Get Turned for Trev's Birthday
Feb 2010 A Look at the Demise of Arrow Trucking
Jan 2010 A Poetic Spin on I-80 from CA to UT
Dec 2009 Trevor's "Truck-It List" Has it All
Oct 2009 The Wheels Just Keep on Turning
Sep 2009 Trevor's Tribute to "Shotgun Jessie"
July 2009 The Cabover-Freightliner Etc. Blues
June 2009 Part of Why Trevor Rolls 18 Wheels
Apr 2009 Some Long Gone Trucker Songs
Mar 2009 Getting Through Life's Ups & Downs
Feb 2009 A Memorable and Poetic Conversation
Jan 2009 In Memory of Jacob "Jake" Eilen
Dec 2008 Trevor Rhymes about Writer's Block
Nov 2008 A "Senseless" Poem about Trucking
Oct 2008 A Poetic Tribute to Jerry Reed
Sep 2008 A Trucker's Look at Bluetooth Blues
Aug 2008 Trevor Daydreams about Sturgis
Jul 2008 Trevor’s Silly Spin on “Trucker Relief”
Jun 2008 A Tribute to Victims of the "Dad" Influence
May 2008 Trevor Introduces Us to “The Rain Gang”
Mar 2008 The Little Old Lady in the Rockin' Chair
Feb 2008 Trevor’s Tribute to Everlasting Love
Jan 2008 A Little Class Goes a Long Way
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