The Spirit of the American Trucker – March 2018

Today, we all are conditioned to “be told” what’s good and bad for us, and trucking has its own share of ideas and solutions for making our life “easier” (not really) and safer (nothing ever seems to work like they say it will). There are those that think we need electronic logbooks to tell us when to go to bed, like our momma did when we were kids, and “lane control” gizmos, making sure we can keep that rig in line (it’s sad that anyone needs this). But, there are also those who not only don’t need a babysitter to help them do their job, but they elect to drive older cabovers with cramped living spaces and a ride so rough they can feel the vibration of every rotating part below their seat. Now, let me tell you this – the guys that choose to drive these rigs are professionals and truck drivers by choice, not just doing a job, and because of that passion, they will deliver nine out of ten of their deliveries on-time. And for that tenth one, when a problem arises, these guys will pull out their worn-out toolbox and have their rig rolling down the road in no time, getting that tenth load off on-time, as well. That’s the Spirit of the American Trucker – only fix what’s broke – do you hear this, FMCSA?

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