Tie-Downs With A Twist

TechTips1These American-made heavy-duty tie-down straps do more than hold down cargo – they prop up lives! For trucking professionals and individuals that must safely transport a variety of cargo, tie-down straps that stay strong and secure are required. For many years, Mississippi Industries for the Blind (MIB) has manufactured such cargo straps for use by the Department of Defense and the U.S. Postal Service. The straps are made entirely in the United States, and are now available to commercial users, and are ideal for an array of load applications. MIB is a non-funded agency of the state of Mississippi with a mission to train and employ those that are legally blind or visually impaired, in all levels of its organization, to

Best of 40088 flat hook, 27 ft 3300 lbs

Best of 40088 flat hook, 27 ft 3300 lbs

promote independence and self-reliance in all aspects of their lives – and funds its manufacturing operations and employment solely through the sale of the products it manufactures. MIB is a leading employer of Mississippians who are blind! To safely accommodate a wide range of uses, these heavy-duty cargo tie-down straps can be customized from 2” to 4” wide and configured with ratchets, hooks, track fittings and other hardware. MIB has the capability to sew straps with large, heavy-duty thread to meet the needs for higher strength applications. Utilizing programmable pattern tacking sewing machines to manufacture the straps, MIB’s employees ensure that the sewn strap patterns are consistent and of the highest quality. Third party testing is used to evaluate the strength of the sewing patterns for the straps. MIB has the capacity and equipment to perform several various types of sewing styles, and can also add snaps, grommets, buckles or other hardware. As an ISO 9000 certified agency, MIB adheres to strict specifications and quality procedures and practices. Aside from sewing manufacturing, its capabilities TechTips3include robotic welding, metal stamping, rod and tube bending, drilling, riveting, soldering and cellulose sponge manufacturing. Long-time customers of its manufactured products include the General Services Administration (GSA), US Postal Service (USPS), Department of Defense (DOD) and many commercial businesses – speaking to the capabilities of MIB’s employees and the quality of its products. For more information about these heavy-duty cargo straps or to purchase, or for more details about Mississippi Industries for the Blind, please call 866-859-4461 or visit www.msblind.org today.

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