Advice For Our Leaders

JulyWOWSometimes our grandparents’ wisdom did not make sense to us at the time, but as we grew older, it did. Now, we realize how important that advice was to us. Our grandparents were sages, passing on good advice and wise sayings – sayings that have echoed through the eons of human life on this earth that have been passed on to assist one in thinking and understanding. Yet, it seems, for all this wisdom that has been passed down, there are many that have not learned the lessons. This country has a great divide – no one is listening and everyone is hollering. I do not remember a saying that states that the one who yells and lies the loudest wins the most marbles. How did this happen? When did a strong civilized nation turn into a nation of spoiled children? It does not seem real to me. We were raised to honor our elders and our country’s leaders – each morning in school we stood up and said the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America – and meant it. We were taught about our country and how the hard work of its’ people, along with the service men that put themselves in harm’s way, made this country great. So, how did these morals and ethics somehow get lost in this country? We pride ourselves as a nation of free speech, yet now there are speakers who are not allowed to speak. What did our forefather’s fight for – surely not this. Now we turn on the news and hear people berating the leader of the free world with “fake news” and witch hunts, while some comedians continue to pour out scathing remarks and inappropriate jokes. How do we appear to the rest of the world, watching this childish behavior, because one side won and the other did not? These people throwing the temper-tantrums are leaders of this government. They should remember not to cry over spilled milk. It is over and done with, people. To the leaders in Congress – stop! The average working person wants reforms on healthcare, taxes, infrastructure and more jobs. We voted you in and we can vote you out. Just do your job and help the American citizen better their life. There is a Yiddish proverb: “Life is a big headache on a noisy street.” Well, this headache has got way too big and the street far too noisy. Please tune down the noise. We have all heard enough!

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