The Benefits Of Dogs

FebWOWpicSince the dawn of mankind, there has been a bond between animals and man. It began with the cave man hunting animals for food and then, through the ages, using animals for agriculture and hauling. The animals eventually because a companion to man. As the workload lightened, the bond changed to animals becoming pets. Today, there are many types of pets. Now, researchers are discovering how modern canines help man. Dogs are being trained as service dogs, but not just the for the blind or hearing impaired, but for uses in everyday life, such as K-9 units for the police, armed forces and drug enforcement, among others. Not only are pets loyal and loving, but they can be trained for interactions with humans in daily life. Hospitals are benefiting from pets on the floors to assist in improving the health of their patients. Also, in nursing homes, canines can lay with the elderly and give comfort as they slip the bonds of this earth. The sense of comfort and stability of a dog’s love gives humans a win-win situation. It is amazing to see an autistic child, who has difficulty with social interaction, form a social bond of awareness with a dog. But, since dogs do not talk, they communicate instead with a loving look in their eyes and a wagging of their tail. But it is not only the eyes or the tail that moves us, but the inherent love and care that a dog communicates to man. Experience has shown that elderly people respond well to the companionship and love of dogs. Most sedentary people will increase their activities by walking their pets – and they do it with pleasure, because they have a companion to share the walk. Kids in classrooms react well to pets and can learn the responsibilities of caring them, and now some workplaces are even allowing dogs to join their owners. Why? Because they have found that employees will take the required breaks, to walk their animals, which reduces stress levels. It is a fact that dogs reduce stress, help with social skills and interaction, decease cardiovascular disease, can help to manage pain levels, and alleviate loneliness – and that is just a few of the benefits. Many of you have your trusty dog with you on long trips, and could not imagine your life without them. The dog is a wonderful companion if they are properly trained. If not, the situation can develop into an adverse relationship. If you do decide to acquire a puppy, remember it is important to train them well – or they will train you!

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