The Spirit of the American Trucker – October 2016


Follow The Shiny Trucks…

Our Founding Fathers did everything possible to secure our freedoms, which set the groundwork for every American to focus on living an independent life and building their own name. A famous trucker once told me: “For many years I was trying to get ahead and get it done, but the road to prosperity seemed hard to find. But I never gave up, because I always admired those shiny rigs pulling clean trailers, and I knew there were better paying loads out there, so I started following the cool trucks.” And, after years of driving hard and saving a lot, he found those better-paying loads and got himself a nice ride, too, and soon became one of those prospering truckers working for those well-paying brokers. Simply put, it’s all just a matching game – follow what you want and one day it will be yours. As for me, I choose to follow the cool trucks too, which is what led me to the shiny one featured here this month. But the choice to do anything is still up to you!

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