One-Of-A-Kind GMC Crackerbox

Jim Semon of Westlake, Ohio photographed this unique truck at a small truck stop located at the intersection of US 4 and US 20 just west of Bellevue, Ohio.  It is, believe it or not, a 1965 GMC Crackerbox that the unnamed driver purchased in 1976 for only $1,000.  After buying the truck, the new owner extended the tractor’s frame 5 feet and built the trailer from scratch, then later designed the fiberglass nose to improve fuel consumption from 4 to 6 mpg.  The original Detroit 671 engine has never been completely rebuilt, but Jim said that it still sounded great.  The owner claimed to have over 2 million miles on this rig.  He and his wife live in North Dakota and travel across the country, moving belongings for military personnel.  Although his wife no longer drives, she does still take care of all the routing and log books.  The owner’s engineering background explained the modifications he made by himself, but he said that he loves trucks and prefers driving to office or engineering work.  Leased to Suddath Container Services out of Jacksonville, Florida, this “weird and wonderful” truck may not be the prettiest thing on the road, but it has served this couple faithfully for over three decades.

About John & Shirley Sponholtz

John & Shirley Sponholtz have been involved with old trucks for over 20 years.  Shirley was editor at Wheels of Time for 12 years before going out on her own and starting Old Time Trucks magazine in 2004.  John is an avid photographer who enjoys taking pictures of odd and/or rare trucks (he provides most of the pictures for this article and their magazine).  John & Shirley, who are from Richmond, Indiana, have been regular contributors to 10-4 Magazine since 2006.