More Than Just A Truck Show

Annual Event Raises Money For Sick Kids

The Great Salt Lake “Kidney Kamp” Truck Show, held in Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah, is more than just a truck show – it is a truck show for a great cause. All of the proceeds from the show go directly to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho, and helps to send children and adults with kidney diseases and their families to “Kidney Kamp” in the local mountains for free. Held on August 12-13 at the park-like setting of Thanksgiving Point, the show drew in trucks and vendors from across the continent.

The Kidney Kamp provides individuals with kidney diseases requiring dialysis and other medical care to have an escape, even if for only a short while, away from the life of dealing with their diseases. Kidney disease often complicates travel or even makes it impossible due to the patient having to undergo dialysis every 48 hours. The Kidney Kamp, which provides children and family activities, as well as motivational speakers for the adults, is meant to relieve people from these difficulties and have a wonderful time while doing it. Having worked with Jeff England of Pride Transport, as well as Richard Taylor of the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho, the Great Salt Lake Truck Show has raised over $700,000 for the cause over the past 22 years, raising approximately $35,000 this year alone!

The show began Friday morning, and even by then things were getting hot. The weather was clear for miles and warm, with vendors doing well selling cold drinks. Early arrivals were polishing their trucks and doing their final detailing, racing against the clock to get their trucks as competitive as possible before the 1:00 rags-down call. At this point, the mood was notably tense as drivers sat next to their trucks, waiting for the judges to look over their work. Meanwhile, spectators walked the show grounds, enjoying the weather and marveling at the beautiful bobtails and combinations that had come to participate and compete at the show.

To beat the heat, the event also had a nice air-conditioned pavilion with a number of vendors promoting their products inside. For the kids, there was a “cow train” they could use to ride around the show grounds – an ATV pulling 15 or so cars shaped like cows. Things relaxed when judging was completed at 6:00 pm, which was followed with a free dinner, courtesy of the truck show. Later that night there was one more event to judge – the light show. The trucks that participated in the light show were no disappointment – especially Matt Meza’s red Peterbilt 379 and van trailer, outfitted with his company’s unique “Logolights” on each side. With clear skies and a full moon, the grounds were alight from end to end.

Saturday, the second and final day of the show, saw quite a few more trucks arrive as display-only tractors, rather than competing for awards. The event coordinators also setup several bounce houses and slides for the kids, as well. Notable trucks at the show included a number of Ralph Smith’s tractors, including three vintage Kenworth’s (including an immaculate 1971 long hood W900A) and one of their working trucks, a wide hood tri-drive T800 Kenworth hooked to a 4-axle lowboy. Robinson of Salina, Utah also had a number of their trucks there, including “Catty Shack” – an incredible (working) 2005 W900 Kenworth – and “Hog Wild” – their amazing orange and black 1956 narrow-nose Kenworth show truck.

Jeff England, producer of the show and owner of Pride Transport, had several of his company trucks present at the show, including a slick 2011 Pete hooked to a Utility van, as well as his sweet 1982 long hood W900A and his immaculate 1947 Autocar. Brent Greer and his wife travelled all the way from Ontario, Canada to attend the show in their copper and cream 1996 Peterbilt 379. Rebuilt to pull a camper trailer, the tractor enjoys an easy life now, and is stunningly well-kept. Several antique rigs were on display from the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the ATHS, including Phil Anderson’s very cool Peterbilt 359 winch truck from Wyoming. Danny Shimizu also had several of his trucks, but the most impressive one was a massive Kenworth with four drive axles, two steer axles, four stacks and a polished drom behind the cab, all painted in his trademark purple and silver paint scheme.

Francis Trucking of Brigham City, Utah, was also in attendance at the show with Ryan “Trucker” Dorius’ 2005 Peterbilt 379 (better known as “Old Number 20”) and Cass Henderson’s 2010 Pete 389. I’d like to give Francis Trucking and their drivers (as well as Cass’ wife Lindsey) a very big thank you for helping 10-4 Magazine during the show (passing out posters and magazines) and for letting us setup our “booth” next to their cool rides. Congratulations also go out to Cass for his 3rd place finish in his class – not a bad showing for his first time ever attending a truck show!

Jeff England and Richard Taylor of the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho, as well as countless others who help put on the Great Salt Lake Truck Show, deserve special thanks for their hard work and dedication. I’d also like to thank Jeff for hosting myself on behalf of 10-4 Magazine for the weekend, as well as my father for all of his help during the show. Thanks go out to Matt Meza of Logolights for transporting our “precious cargo” (the free magazines and posters) to the show, as well. It was a great time for a wonderful cause. We encourage you to attend this show next year, as it certainly does not disappoint! And the 1st place finishers were:

OPEN/BOBTAIL: Robinson, Matt Long – 1956 Kenworth.
SMALL FLEET/BOBTAIL: Tuf Transport, Dan Dutson – 2003 Peterbilt.
LARGE FLEET/BOBTAIL: Robinson, Kevin Williams – 2005 Kenworth.
OWNER-OPERATOR/BOBTAIL: Aero Express, Mark – 1995 Volvo.
NEW TRUCK/BOBTAIL: Wal-Mart, Chad Perter – 2010 Peterbilt.
WORKING ANTIQUE/BOBTAIL: Curt Dossey – 1964 Peterbilt.
OPEN/COMBO: Pride Transport, Jeff England – 1982 KW & Utility Reefer.
SMALL FLEET/COMBO: Christensen Oil, B. Scott – 2002 KW & Great Dane.
LARGE FLEET/COMBO: Pride Transport – 2011 Peterbilt & Utility Van.
OWNER-OPERATOR/COMBO: Sean Webb – 2012 Peterbilt & Beall Tank.
NEW TRUCK/COMBO: CREST, Kennley Savage – 2011 KW & Beall Tank.
ANTIQUE: Pride Transport, Jeff England – 1947 Autocar.
WRECKER: Ralph Smith, Terrell Lund – 1971 AM General.
TANKER: Thomas West, Dan Dickamore – 2011 KW & Utah Tank Propane.
LIGHT/MEDIUM DUTY: John Innocenti, – 1956 Mack Pickup.
LARGE COMBO: Ralph Smith, Cody – 2000 Kenworth & Trail King Lowboy.
DRY BULK: KNA, Devin Deleeuw – 1994 Kenworth & Beall Sidedumps.
ENGINE: Pride Transport, Jeff England – 1982 Kenworth & Utility Reefer.
INTERIOR/DAY CAB: Robinson, Dan Poulson – 1964 Kenworth.
INTERIOR/OEM SLEEPER: Brent Greer – 1996 Peterbilt.
INTERIOR/CUSTOM SLEEPER: Robinson, Jerry Lapshire – 1994 Manse.
PAINT/BOBTAIL: Brent Greer – 1996 Peterbilt.
PAINT/COMBO: Godfrey, Steve Beatie – 2007 KW & Great Dane Van.
MURAL/BOBTAIL: Aero Express, Mark – 1995 Volvo.
MURAL/COMBO: Kelles, Marcus Garner – 2012 Navistar & Utility Reefer.
LIGHTS/BOBTAIL: Robinson, Kevin Williams – 2005 Kenworth.
LIGHTS/COMBO: Ken Betteridge, Rand Williams – 2000 KW & Beall Tanks.
BEST OF SHOW/BOBTAIL: Aero Express, Mark – 1995 Volvo.
BEST OF SHOW/COMBO: Pride Transport, Jeff England.
BEST OF SHOW/SPECIALTY: Pride Transport, Jeff England.
PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Brent Greer – 1996 Peterbilt.

About Troy Miller

A Colorado native, Troy Miller started “hanging out” with 10-4 Magazine at the shows when he was only 12 years old. Today, as a serious photographer and writer, Troy hopes to bring both great photography and great trucks together. Although not from a trucking family, Troy has always had a keen interest in the industry and has exercised this interest by working with 10-4 Magazine since 2003 writing various special features and show reports.