This month’s “creation” was built for Eric & Kelli Baudino of Mazon, Illinois.  Eric (28) grew up on the family farm, so trucks were always a part of his life.  But he decided, early on, that he did not want to be a trucker.  He even went to college and earned a degree in Ag Business.  Obviously, based on his new truck featured here, something went wrong somewhere along the way.

As hard as Eric tried to avoid becoming a truck driver, it just couldn’t be stopped.  There was some hauling around the farm to do and Eric ended up doing it.  Pretty soon, he even started polishing on the old truck he was driving - a beat up IHC daycab pulling a Timpte hopper with doors that were always getting stuck shut.  He found himself hauling (dirt) more and more and one day said, “Wait a minute.  If I’m going to do this every day, I better get a nicer truck.”

With some help from his father, Eric ordered a new 2002 Peterbilt Extended Hood daycab.  Equipped with a Cat C-15, a 13-speed trans and tall rubber, the 220-inch long truck was nice, but nothing special.  He drove that truck for a while until he found a cool, used 2005 Peterbilt daycab on the internet.  With a 250 inch wheelbase, this newer truck was a little longer, painted Harley Davidson Orange, covered in chrome and had no cab lights - Eric just had to have it.  He bought that truck and ran it until just recently, when he got the new one pictured here.

Eric knew of Clint because his father, back in 2002, had ordered a flattop Pete with an “old school” paint scheme from him.  So, when it came time for Eric to step up to a new truck, one with a sleeper, he called Clint.  The truck is a 2010 Peterbilt 389 with a 48-inch flattop, a 270-inch wheelbase, a Cummins ISX with 525 horsepower, an 18-speed trans, an air-ride front end with a car-hauler front axle and a factory two-color paint scheme in Harley Davidson Orange and Black.

Once the truck came in, Clint’s crew went to work.  Leonard and Jesus did most of the work, with Clint and Brent, the body shop manager, overseeing the project.  Many of the accessories that were added were first sent out to George at Crosslink Powdercoating to be painted black, including the deck plate, DPF box, battery box, fuel tanks, Double JJ brackets and blinker bars, single round headlights, and 8-inch body drop panels.  The guys also painted and installed a custom bowtie visor, WTI double hump fiberglass fenders, and 9 flush-mount (invisible) cab lights.  Of course, Clint’s dad chopped the air cleaner lids and the passenger-side door was reskinned without the peep hole window.

When Eric came to pick up the truck, Clint noticed that his fingernails were painted black.  Thinking it was a little weird, Clint asked Eric about them.  Apparently, he has been showing cattle (especially cross-bred steers) for most of his life.  When prepping the cattle for a show, he paints their hoofs black (it’s like putting Armor-All on their tires).  Lately, Eric has not been showing, but instead mentoring his younger cousin Kevin, who recently won the State Championships.

The plaque on the dash of Eric’s new truck reads, “GETN WHAT I WANT” - which is just what he did.  Eric may not have wanted to become a truck driver, but once he started driving a truck, well, you know how it goes... he got hooked!  And then, once he embraced his passion for diesel, he was able to let loose and order the truck of his dreams.  And now, thanks to some help from Clint and his crew, Eric has exactly what he wanted.

~ If you would like Clint Moore to order and/or build you a new custom truck, contact him at Kansas City Peterbilt via e-mail at clintmoore@kcpete.com or call him at (913) 441-2888.  You can also visit his website at www.custombuiltfor.com and check out pictures of other custom trucks he has built.