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Thank you for your interest in 10-4 Magazine. We’d like to take a minute and tell you about ourselves. We at 10-4 strive to publish a magazine that is informative, entertaining and useful to truckers. Our main audience is owner-operators, company drivers and small fleet owners, but our format and style appeals to “truck nuts” of all types. But, if you enjoy trucks and/or trucking, you’ll love 10-4 Magazine. And best of all, it’s a FREE publication, so everyone can afford to pick it up (subscriptions are also available for those who want it sent directly to them, but there is an annual postage fee for that).

Started back in 1993 in Southern California, 10-4 Magazine has established itself as a well-respected publication within the trucking community. 10-4 Magazine is printed monthly and currently circulates approximately 27,000 to 30,000 copies per month. We have hundreds of carefully-selected rack locations in 25 states, including California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Maryland, Illinois, Wyoming, Kansas and Ohio. We take pride in our magazine and the vast distribution network we’ve created.

Our racks are located in places where truckers frequent every day to do their business – places like truck stops, chrome shops, heavy duty truck parts houses, fueling locations, truck washes, restaurants, truck dealerships, repair facilities, motels that cater to drivers, public scales, and other trucking-related businesses. But since truckers pick up the magazine as they roll through town and take it with them wherever they go, our magazine tends to make its way to every corner of the country (and a few others) on a regular basis. As we have always said, “Every magazine has 18 wheels!”

We also have a strong presence on the Internet. Our website features a vast archive of past articles and monthly columns as well as thousands of cool truck photos. We also publish a link to our digital edition on the website each month so readers, if they desire, can flip through the entire magazine, page by page, on any mobile device or computer. The website also features links to other trucking-related sites, an index of our current advertisers (with links to their websites, if they have one), and a detailed calendar of upcoming events. You can also find us on Facebook (just search for “10-4 Magazine” and then become a fan).

Although 10-4 Magazine is primarily an advertiser for the trucking industry, we are also very well-known for the informative articles and valuable information we pass along to our readers. These articles cover safety and compliance issues, insurance, taxes, laws and regulations, business matters and other useful topics, just to name a few. We also have monthly columns that highlight some of our readers and their rigs, the historical aspects of trucking, new products (the ones that really matter to truckers), tech tips, and many entertaining human interest stories. But, the article our readers especially look forward to is the “Cover Feature” each month. Every issue of 10-4 Magazine features a unique or interesting truck on the cover and a two-page centerfold, along with an in-depth article. Most truckers consider it a rare privilege to be featured on our cover and centerfold – after all, there are only twelve of them per year.

We also do our best to keep readers entertained with fun games and articles. We know that truckers spend a lot of time sitting in their truck waiting, so we try to help make that time a little more stimulating. Each issue features a fun wordsearch, a challenging crossword puzzle, a mind-bending numbersearch, inspirational and amusing quotes, and a trucking-related cartoon (we call it a Truckertoon) drawn exclusively for 10-4 Magazine by truck driver/cartoonist Vic Vasselin. Each month we do our best to enlighten our audience and brighten their day – and prove that trucking CAN be fun!

The staff of 10-4 Magazine attends most of the major truck shows (and a lot of smaller ones, too) and puts together informative and fun reports, which usually include a list of all the winner’s names. We also have several roving reporters that cover many of the events we can’t get to. We love going to the various shows and events and hanging out with our friends and meeting new ones. The shows give us the opportunity to hear and see, first-hand, what truckers like and want. Many of the events we participate in and help promote raise money for different charities, which is just another way for us to give something back to the industry, local communities and caring organizations, as well.

Our motto “Whatever It Takes” exemplifies the attention to detail we give every ad and the service we provide to each and every client. From the beginning in 1993, our dedication to grow and improve as a publication has never wavered. We here at 10-4 Magazine are all committed to not only producing the best magazine possible but to also continually get better. Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or ideas you might have regarding the magazine. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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