An Elusive Creature Or A Myth?

SeptWOWBefore written history, the tales of the hairy man where told. A man-like figure, about eight feet tall, that stalked the forest of North America. The creature was named by various indigenous tribes as Sasquatch, Wendigo, Rugaru and, more recently, up in the Pacific Northwest, Big Foot. Even in Asia, in the Himalayas, the primate is known as the Yeti. This species has special powers – the ability to be elusive. It shares the same space with man, without man being aware. If spotted, it can slip quietly away, leaving one confused as what really did happen. Before the settlers came to America, the Indians were aware of the primate. They acknowledged the being, but as with most things in nature, they accepted the unexplained. Not so with the settlers – sightings were reported, as were footprints and scat from the creature. Yes, he had been discovered, but was rarely seen due to the ability to blend into its surroundings. The name Big Foot came about when a casting was made of one of its footprints discovered in Humboldt County in1958. A home movie was made in 1967 at Bluff Creek, California, of a Big Foot crossing an open space and then disappearing into the forest. It is the most famous movie, and some very reputable men have confirmed that it is not a fake. There is much dispute as to the existence of the primate, but there have been many sightings by some scientists and qualified persons. DNA testing is inconclusive because there is no sample DNA to compare the results, plus most of the DNA samples are degraded due to exposure to nature. Does Big Foot exist? Who can say? But, remember the Trojan Wars – Homer’s “Iliad” was written in 8 century BC about the 10-year War that occurred during the 13th century BC. For centuries, everyone thought it was a great legend, until the actual city of Troy was discovered in 1870. In 1869, Jules Verne wrote the book “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and, in this book, he wrote of a giant squid. Everyone was delighted by his imagination, but lo and behold, in the year 2004, Japanese researchers took pictures of a giant squid, and in 2006, one was brought to the surface. Remember, in every bit of folklore there may be a grain of truth. Over the centuries, that grain of truth may become a legend, and with more time, it may be viewed as just a myth. In time, history may reveal the grain of truth like a precious pearl. If history is kind to us, the true Big Foot may be revealed in our lifetime. One last thought, to everyone – thank you for your interest in 10-4 Magazine. My hope is that we grant you information, knowledge, entertainment and enlightenment each month. It is an honor to be part of the 10-4 family. Congratulations to all for a fine 25 years!

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