Blurred Lines!

Are you the kind of person who gets teased for loving your trucks a little too much? You are just so passionate about everything relating to big rigs that people might wonder if you’re speaking about a vehicle or an actual person you are smitten about. Yeah, me too! It’s been that way all my life. When I see a movie that has a crash scene involving a cool truck, I feel a sense of sadness at the loss of another American big rig, or if the truck happens to be the hero in the movie scene, I get chills and cheer for the truck (like when the Snowman decides to take the lead and finish the bootleg beer run, I was most impressed by how that A-model Kenworth looked as it passed the Trans-Am). Anyway, your love for the people in your life should be clearly more obvious than your love for a truck, but this poem is similar to another one I wrote several years ago called “Everlasting Love” – it somewhat blurs the line between exalting a beautiful woman or simply doting on a fancy truck. It’s up to the interpretation of the reader to decide which one she is!

By Trevor Hardwick

JunePoemPicWhat can I say about her?
She’s a jewel, and she’s a gem.
She’s the one people tend to talk about,
When she turns the heads of them.

She’s a long and tall statement-maker.
She’s the cream, of cream-of-crops.
She’s the one that makes you stare,
And lose your train of thought.

If we happen to be seen together,
You’ll forget I’m even there.
Don’t worry, it happens all the time,
And I can’t say that I even care.

She’s a straight-up attention-getter,
Driven by the one she loves.
Or maybe I just think it’s that way,
Cause I’m the one who push-n-shoves.

You’ll know her if you ever see her,
She’s the one who’s set apart.
The one who cuts a path in any crowd,
And the one who has my heart.

Am I speaking of a special woman?
Well, I could be, that is true.
Then again, I could be speaking of a rig,
The interpretation’s up to you.

If you ever see this rig… or woman,
I think it won’t be hard to see.
I love the way she moves, but I swear,
She’s the one who’s moving me!

About Trevor Hardwick

Trevor Hardwick is a 3rd generation truck driver who has been in love with all things truck-related since he was “delivered” (pun intended). When he was a kid, Trevor began using artwork and poetry as a means of staying connected to trucking, and still loves doing it today. Trevor lives in Stanwood, Washington with his wife Alicia, and has been a regular contributor to 10-4 Magazine since January of 2008. Alicia puts up with Trevor’s love affair with trucks and also shares his outspoken devotion to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.