Upgrading to an Aluminum 5th Wheel

Swapping from a standard Holland 5th wheel plate to an aluminum top plate (#09-05110212) is easy. Not many parts replacement projects are as simple and straight-forward as removing and replacing a late model Holland 5th wheel plate. The job requires a minimal number of tools, along with just a lil’ cash, time and muscle!

Step 1: Remove the small ‘Pin Keeper’ bolts on both sides of the 5th wheel plate. Once the bolts are removed, the large pivot pins merely slide out. Using a pair of pliers, you may have to twist them while pulling them outward.



Step 2: Using a fork lift, a cherry picker or perhaps two or three of your buddies, lift the old 5th wheel up and out of the way.


Step 3: Before setting the new aluminum plate into position, inspect the pivot bushings and make sure they are in good condition. They most likely will need to be replaced and, if so, there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to change them!


Step 4: Insert the large pivot pins on each side. Install the ‘Pin Keeper’ bolts and nuts and tighten securely… and you are done!



BONUS: 100 LBS! Light weight. On average, save 100 pounds versus a standard steel 5th wheel plate.

TIP: 1” TALLER! Be advised that the aluminum plate is approx. 1” thicker/taller than the standard version, so it does raise your trailer height by 1”.

ANOTHER BONUS: NO GREASE! Built-In Teflon pads means no grease and no mess, which makes for one happy driver!

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