Keep Chasing That Swan

Perhaps many of you already know that I call my truck “Chasin’ Tomorrow” in memory of my dad and a truck that he had with the same name. He always said, “Chasin’ tomorrow is what we do as truck drivers.” We’re always chasin’ that horizon for another day that lies ahead. In this poem, I took a slightly different angle and pointed out that regardless of what destination we are aiming for, we are still a few feet behind that little swan on the hood. Of course, not all of us have a swan… some have a bulldog… some have a flying pig… some have an angry duck… and some have no hood ornament whatsoever. Also, there are still those of us who run around in cabovers, who have no hood at all! But the concept remains. That chrome swan (originally called the Bugler) proudly leads the way, through rain and snow, day and night, braving the elements, to arrive at our intended destinations first. I read this poem to my friends Kim Grimm and John Jaikes prior to submitting it to our editor, Dan Linss, and as I was reading it over the phone, Kim began sending me pictures she has taken of her chrome swan in various settings. 56 pictures later, I was certain I’d have the perfect picture to accompany this poem. And, anything she didn’t have, Dan certainly would, as well. Thank you, Kim and John, for listening to my rough draft while I rolled through Sacramento early on a rainy Tuesday morning. I was simply trying to get to my delivery appointment, while chasing an imaginary swan.

By Trevor Hardwick

All I ever wanted,
Was to chase the setting sun.
To chase the shooting stars,
Now that’s my kind of fun.
I just want to chase the moon,
Before it meets the dawn.
But here I am just chasing down,
A little chrome swan.

Chasing little white lines,
Or chasing down a train.
Chasing down a thunder storm,
To race the driving rain.
I just want to chase tomorrow,
Because that’s where I belong.
But here I am just chasing down,
A little chrome swan.

I could chase a dollar bill,
Or chase a rainbow’s end.
I could chase the feeling I get,
Being with a friend.
I could chase the demons,
Who chase me on and on.
But here I am just chasing down,
A little chrome swan.

Sometimes how I wish I could be,
Like that little bird.
Stand up tall and lead the way,
And never say a word.
Spread my wings and hit the wind,
And just keep shining on.
But here I am just chasing down,
That little chrome swan.

All these things I’m chasing,
Have me chasing my own tail.
Which might seem rather pointless,
If it’s all to no avail.
But chasing dreams can often seem,
To take me too damn long.
So I’ll just keep on chasing down,
That little chrome swan.

About Trevor Hardwick

Trevor Hardwick is a 3rd generation truck driver who has been in love with all things truck-related since he was “delivered” (pun intended). When he was a kid, Trevor began using artwork and poetry as a means of staying connected to trucking, and still loves doing it today. Trevor lives in Stanwood, Washington with his wife Alicia, and has been a regular contributor to 10-4 Magazine since January of 2008. Alicia puts up with Trevor’s love affair with trucks and also shares his outspoken devotion to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.