Learning To Relax In 2018

JanWOWIt is now 2018, but it seems like yesterday we were marveling about 2000, and the turn of the century. Since 2000, all that has transpired is mind-blowing. It seems like each day, week and month surge ahead at warp speed. Since the beginning of the century, we have all changed in our thinking, speech and living habits. The age of the Internet and new electronic devices have changed our lives. Life is easier, yet more hectic, with less quiet time. People are living life so fast and furious, they rarely take time to enjoy the day. As a society, we must slow down and relax, even if it is only for a few moments each day. Just try to decompress by removing yourself from your surroundings. Get comfortable and try to clear your mind – don’t let those little thoughts sneak back into your brain. Pretend you are locking a door to your brain. Behind that door is all the commotion and noise of the day – keep it there, and get to a place of peace and quiet. Gradually slow your breathing and be still. It may only take a minute or two, and then you will feel the stress melt away and your mind free itself of all the emotional noise. At first it will be difficult, because it is not easy to tune out your brain, which keeps telling you, “You do not have time for this.” Your brain is like the Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland” constantly shouting, “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!” We seem to wind ourselves up tighter and tighter, getting nowhere in the process. Just stop this nonsense and help yourself to be more productive and calmer. Set aside a few moments each day, create a habit and begin the process. At first, tuning out the noise and the stress will be difficult, but do not give up. With time, you will notice that your brain and body will gradually become quieter. Each of us finds a way to do what works (not everyone is alike). Some people use good memories to relax, others stay as still as possible, and some find that prayer can also work. When you do reach the point of relaxation, it may only take five minutes for you to feel refreshed. Your brain will become clear, and your blood pressure will decrease, which is a win-win situation. When feeling stressed, remember these words of wisdom – “This too shall pass” – and then ask yourself, “How important will this be 20 years from now?” Good luck, and go forth in peace this year – and always.

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