Thankful Thoughts & Reflections

NovWOW1This month brings thankfulness to mind. Many people equate it to Turkey Day. I enjoy Thanksgiving, the coming together, using the family recipes and thinking about Christmas right around the corner, yet during this time of year, I also enjoy reflecting over the blessings in my life. 20 years ago, I received a phone call from an old friend that changed the fabric of my life. It was from Jean, one of the owners of 10-4, and she had a request for me to consider: would I be interested in writing a monthly article for 10-4 Magazine? She gave me free rein over the subject matter, which made this offer even more tempting. So, I decided to venture forth and explore the search engines of the world wide web. The Internet was only four years old and the modem was connected to a phone line. Computers in 1997 did not NovWOW2have the capability or speed to make websites appear in an instant like today, so we had to wait forever to connect to servers. Yes, everything took a long time, but in those days, it did not matter because that was all we knew. It really was an adventure – there was so much to research and learn, and there was a wealth of information now available at my fingertips. Finally, with my research at hand, I began to write about the menu for the very first Thanksgiving shared by the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. That article debuted in the November 1997 edition of 10-4 Magazine. It was fun to research one thought, which would lead to another, and before you knew it, that idea would turn into an article. Little by little, as the months passed, the ideas kept flowing. Did I worry about running out of ideas? Yes, I did, but I was blessed it never came to pass. The joy of researching ideas and writing articles is indescribable. Documentaries and movies are great for gathering ideas – something may be said that will lead to researching a subject, or in older movies the storyline or setting will often get my imagination wondering. Current national or international events are also great sources of ideas, which make us more aware of our world and our surroundings. Add history, literature, nature, science and the weather, and that is just the beginning – the list is endless. But, the most important part of these 20 years, has been the readers who enjoy the articles and the team at 10-4 Magazine for their ongoing support. My wish for all is that the freight keeps moving and you all use and enjoy the magazine. I want to express my gratitude by saying, “Thank you 10-4 for believing in me!” Here’s to 20 more fun years together!!

About SharLeigh

SharLeigh has an inquisitive nature – she is interested in current events, history, science and many more subjects, including things that go bump in the night! Since 1997, SharLeigh has scoured the internet, looking for interesting, fun and timely topics covering all sorts of human-interest subjects for her articles from her home in Fontana, CA.