Do-It-Yourself – September 2017

Installing a Custom Steering Wheel

A steering wheel install can seem intimidating and a bit tricky, but with simple tools, the right parts, a lotta’ luck and a lil’ determination, it can take as little as 30 minutes! So, here’s what to do:

1) Before starting your steering wheel project, it is a good idea to make sure your old steering wheel is straight so you can make sure the new one will be straight when you install it.


2) Pop the horn cover out of the wheel using a small screwdriver or prying tool.


3) Identify the size of the nut and remove it from the spindle.


4) Sometimes it takes a bit of extra convincing.


5) Using a steering wheel puller, remove the steering wheel. Don’t attempt this without a puller.


6) If the steering wheel does not want to come off, you can tighten the bolts on the puller till there is a good amount of pressure pulling on the wheel and then tap the center part of the puller with a hammer. The little bit of an impact will usually pop even the most difficult wheels loose.


7) This is the hub adapter used for this application.


8) The hub adapter is what makes a universal steering wheel fit in a variety of applications, and you will usually need one specific to your make and model of truck.


9) Here, you can see the hub adapter behind the steering wheel.


10) Bolt the steering wheel to the adapter using the provided hardware.


11) Next, you can attach the front collar/cover (if equipped).


12) Place the steering wheel onto the splined column and, using the same nut you took off earlier, tighten securely.


13) Connect the horn wires to the new horn button and snap it into place.


14) Now, your new steering wheel is ready to help you navigate between the ditches!


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