Mixed Emotions On Mother’s Day

MayWOWpicMother’s Day will be celebrated this year on Sunday, May 14. It is a day to honor our mother, but for some of us, it is not an easy day. Without mothers, none of us would be here, so we should all be grateful, on some level, that they carried us for nine months and endured childbirth. That is an act of true love. But, not all women planned to become mothers. Many times, women without husbands or support, who were not mentally and/or physically ready for a baby, were surprised by pregnancy. Many of us were born under those conditions. Parents were forced to get married. Some mothers were not happy with the situation, and took it out on the child. An innocent child, who only looked for love and comfort, instead got abused, which can take a lifetime to get over. On the flip-side, there are couples who have tried for years to have a child without success. They gladly open their arms to adoption to complete their lives and surround the children with love and support. Some parents are given children who are troubled, and when it becomes too hard to adjust, they are sent back. These troubled children often wonder who their mother is, and why they were not worthy to receive her love. Many of us never knew or even remembered our mother because of an early separation or death. It is hard on a child, and many create a fantasy mother to fill the void. Others have mothers that they had to raise because, mentally or physically, the women were unable to take care of themselves. It is tough, for a child, to be forced to watch over their mother, who may be addicted to drugs, alcohol or something else. Mentally ill mothers will listen to the voices in their head and abuse their child. All the above are hard facts to face, yet many of us carry these burdens around throughout our life – and Mother’s Day often brings those old memories back to the surface each year. Not everyone can have an idyllic life like the “Leave it to Beaver” television show. We all know that life is not perfect, and sometimes we must just get on with it, regardless. If you are one of the above, do yourself a favor this Mother’s Day and turn all those feelings loose. You have been carrying such a heavy burden of expectations. Remember, we are all human. Maybe that was all your mother could give. It was never your fault, so just forgive and move on. And, in return, show your children all the love you yearned for – it is never too late.

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