The Spirit of the American Trucker – May 2017

I recently ran into the infamous Marcus Pepper Giddens and asked him for some thoughts about trucking, his equipment, and whatever else he wanted to say. “Just like anything else or any other job, trucking is what you make MaySpirit2of it – it can be your friend or it can be your worst enemy. There’s a lot of love and passion from the time I start my truck to leave until I return home and turn it off. Getting paid to do something I love is amazing – I am a driver! It’s what I do!! I am thankful that I can tell people that this is the only thing I ever wanted to do, and to still be doing it, is a blessing. I am proud to say that I have accomplished everything I set out to do and more. Thanks to The Lynch Companies for taking me in and believing in me; they are a loving family that stands behind me, along with a group of friends, who know that they can call on me for help at any time. As for my equipment, I like the older trucks, but the MaySpirit3way I run and dealing with livestock, I try to keep my stuff updated, meaning I trade up every 3 or 4 years (since they don’t make them like they used to). Also, I’m not a bull hauler – as it says on the side of my truck, and every one that I have ever owned, I am the original Livestock Relocation Specialist. It takes a lot of will power to do what I do, because there’s a lot of long hours and a lot of time away from home. Of course, I’m not speaking for anyone else, just me.” Marcus is the kind a man that nothing can stop. Just look at this action shot – taken in Cheyenne, WY on some random early morning – he was coming West hot!

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