Golfing “Fore” A Good Cause

When playing golf, an errant shot is detected when the golfer yells F-O-R-E!!! It is a shout out for all to take notice and to momentarily protect themselves. It was with this aforementioned “FORE” that 10-4 Magazine, along with many others, headed to central California to partake on a golfing journey to raise scholarship funds for a sweet young lady named Heidi Lancaster. The stage was set for a great day to play golf and share some past memories about Heidi’s father, Evan Lancaster, a young trucker who suddenly passed away in 2015. Evan’s story was told when we featured his friend Robert Campbell Jr. on our January 2016 cover, where he told the story about how he built his truck in Evan’s honor. Evan left behind a beautiful young daughter named Heidi. Evan’s early passing left a gaping hole in the lives of the friends and family who loved him. His circle of friends always promised each other that if anything were to happen to any of them, the others would look after their family. Keeping that promise, Evan’s friends and family thought the best way to ensure that his daughter Heidi would get a good education was to create an annual event to establish a scholarship fund for her – and from that, the Last Drive Memorial Golf Tournament was born. Last year they held their first golf tournament and raised over $10,000. This year, the get-together was held on March 31, 2017 at Spring Creek Golf and Country Club in Ripon, California. On a beautiful but very windy Friday, over 100 golfers, split into teams of four, made plenty of new friends (and divots) as they attacked the course in a “best ball” format. While the golfers were out on the course fighting the wind, others were back at the club preparing for the silent auction, raffle prizes, and a crowd of 150 for a great dinner. Julian and Kelly emceed the event, while other friends helped-out from all directions, to make this a very successful addition to Heidi’s future education. When it was all said and done, the event raised another $16,500 for Heidi’s scholarship fund! Event emcee Julian said, “We hope to reach 140 golfers next year and 200 at dinner. We know we can hit those numbers, and are excited to continue to honor Evan with this annual celebration.” Trucking is one big family, and in times of need, this family comes together to help one another like no other industry. 10-4 is proud to have not only sponsored this event, but to participate in it, as well. We hope you will join us next year for a great day of golf, food and fun – for a good cause!

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