The Spirit of the American Trucker – March 2017

Dustin Mortensen of Algona, Iowa was just eight-years-old the first time he ran a rig down the Interstate. His father had run out of hours, so he slip-seated with Dustin and told him to keep her between the lines, as he “fixed” his logbook. Later on, they slip-seated back so he could cross a scale. Years later, dad returned the favor by building this truck for his son – a 2009 Peterbilt 386 equipped with a heavy-duty bull-bar on the front, like the old locomotives had, to keep things from slipping under the rig’s 285-inch chassis that could destroy the rear T-bar, with a row of bright lights, hanging low. The love between this father-and-son duo keeps them safe and strong, and they are both great examples of the true Spirit of the American Trucker!





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